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Long Distance Moving Companies – For more than a decade, we have been offering top notch long distance moving services to our clients. As an established company in the household moving and corporate relocation niches, we are proud of our accolades in our field and stellar ratings with the BBB for long distance moving companies. Your satisfaction with our moving services is our greatest reward. Our local and long distance movers are well trained and have the skills, and the experience to make your move smooth and fun. Moreover, we always ensure that we assign a move coordinator to every client to plan and execute your move, help you stay organized during the move and address any concerns which may arise during the move. Our skilled personnel are friendly, professional and will always work to ensure quality moving services.




It doesn’t matter how far you’re going, we have plenty of local experts to cover your every need and concern.



We service any kind of business, we have dedicated business relocation experts to make sure you have a successful move, in a timely manner.



Moving far? We’ve got your back, wether it’s domestically or international, we can help you get to your new home safely.

What’s Long Distance Moving?

Long distance moves are moves traversing relatively longer distances than local moves; usually inter-state or international moves. Long distance moves involve a lot of dynamics which make them different than the local moves. For instance, besides the fact they involve long distances, they also incorporate a lot of paperwork in line with the laws of the States traversed to complete the move.

Long distance moves traversing States are also referred to as cross country moves and can only be executed by cross country moving companies or Interstate Moving Companies as appropriate. This is important because cross country movers need some permits to move your items from one state or one country to another. This permit has to be approved by your state or the federal government in line with either the State Laws or Federal Laws.

When planning for a long distance move, you may want to skim through your rights as you traverse States or countries, and the terms and conditions statements of your moving company. It is also important that you contract established and insured long distance movers to help you undertake the move smoothly.

Our Services

Our growing list of services include:

  •         Packing
  •         Loading
  •         Offloading
  •         Corporate moving
  •         Industrial moving
  •         Household moving
  •         Local moving
  •         Long distance
  •         Cross country moving

What keeps us ahead of the competition?

Our customer satisfaction keeps us ahead of the competition. We are a reliable moving company. international moving assignment, we devise ways to execute it in a fast and cost effective way. We also put all safety and precautionary measures in place to ensure safety of our clients and their items. We treat every customer as our only and their projects as unique cases. Besides, we are keen on time; we pick up items and deliver them in time.

Over the years, we have diversified our services and hired highly specialized personnel to handle various tasks. This has helped us rise up the lists of best international moving companies; today we pride ourselves as established long distance movers. We have a designated specialist for the following tasks, for every move; For more information check out our sister website at LongDistanceMover.org

  •         Vehicle and industrial machinery moving
  •         Corporate stationary
  •         Full service packing
  •         Temporary storage services
  •         Shipping of fragile items
  •         Unpacking services
  •         Assembly and disassembling of household and corporate items

Why is LDM the right long-distance moving company for you?

We have been in the moving industry for years. Over the years, we have evolved and so have our personnel. Our evolution has helped improve the quality of our services and our customer satisfaction so much that our customers keep coming back whenever they need help with a move. We are proud of our established position among long distance moving companies.

Here are some attributes which keeps LDM ahead of other long distance moving companies:

Professional Full Service Packages

We are a full service company which offers long distance moving services to make your long distance move efficient and trouble-free. Our long distance movers are well trained so our services are professional, efficient and cost effective compared to other International moving companies. Our full-service packages include but not limited to; packing, cleaning and protection of goods on transit. LDM is the most reliable moving company for household moving and corporate relocation among other relocating services.

We will prepare you for the move…

Besides executing moves, we also offer planning services for moves. For instance, we have devised packing tips for different moving assignments to enhance your move which will save you valuable time and hassles. We have also developed very effective tips like using particular boxes for different items, tips on how to stay organized during the move, how to write a moving checklist, how to move with animals, how to move with children, what to do a week before the move and so much more on preparations for the move.

Affordable services

We offer pocket friendly services that will probably fit your budget perfectly.  We offer very competitive services delivered by skilled long distance movers. A  Long distance move can be challenging but our movers will come to your rescue and ease the whole moving process because they will break it down to full-service packages and assign a specialist to every package—without increasing the cost of  the overall move.


You don’t have to pack all your items by yourself; we will help you save time and energy by doing the packing and the unpacking of your items for you, at a pocket friendly fee. There is no need for you to go through a hard and stressful time struggling with the packing when you can sit back and watch our team of do it fast and professionally.

Get In Touch with us for top notch long distance moving services

There are many long distance moving companies out there. Among them are companies with inexperienced long distance movers, some have no insurance cover while most are characterized by rogue movers. If you want a reliable moving company to plan and move you efficiently, get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to help you out.

Our experienced long distance movers will plan your move, move your items and keep you posted while your items are on transit. In case of any issue of concern arises during the move, we keep our channels of communication open and someone will always be on our end to listen to your concerns and act fast in response to them.

For more information or our services, long distance moving companies, long distance movers and long distance moving services, feel free to contact us.

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