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The ninth largest metropolis in the nation is home to nearly 6 million inhabitants. This star-studded city has become one of America’s favorite moving destinations of recent times. If you are one of the tens of thousands thinking of moving to Atlanta, here’ a look at some of the things you need to take into account to get a head start on a Atlanta Movers or interstate move.


Choose the most outstanding Atlanta movers with both local and long distance moving expertise. Get all your moving needs including packaging supplies, a moving guide to keep you organized, and the most reliable trucks and crew in the market, all in one place: a first-rate licensed Atlanta moving company.  Don’t settle for less, you deserve to have full-service movers with your best interest in mind in charge of your prized possessions.


You won’t regret moving to Atlanta if you’re in the entertainment industry; more films were produced here in 2016 than anywhere else in the US.  What you will regret is making a bad impression with your new neighbors when your belongings splatter over the sidewalk after a weak box gives out from under, or when you fail to package tightly and find broken pieces of your mother’s China. DIY may be your style, that’s why you’ll need expert long distance or interstate moving guidance to help you in the packing, loading, unloading and unpacking process from beginning to end.

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A long-distance move to Atlanta or anywhere else in the country, is by far more challenging, to say the least, but no job is too big for the most efficient movers. They’ll ease your mind and provide you with competitive quotes and keep you focused on the process at all times once you engage their services.  Nowadays, communication channels allow everyone to see and be part of the job step by step. You can even give the movers directions on what to pack and what not to put away,  although it’s preferable if you hold a yard sale or two before you get to that point.


After disposing of all unwanted items, make sure to keep a box with necessities you will need to have at your side at all times, like pajamas and toothbrushes, a clean change of clothes, and your personal documents when you’re moving long distance, especially to a metropolis like Atlanta, you’ll have better things to do than run to the drugstore for the basics. Be proactive.


When you hire the best and most reliable long distance moving company in Atlanta they will provide the right size truck, equipment, and supplies, not to mention the best-skilled hands.  One of the best things about hiring a leading long distance mover is that they make the arduous tasks of moving seem so easy.  Packaging materials are used more efficiently, loading takes less time, your household furniture and belongings don’t break or chip, and you can rest assure your stuff is safe and insured.


In the end, you’ll save money and the most precious commodity: time.  Start by picking up a detailed No-nonsense Moving Guide and talking to the experts who can lead you through you Atlanta moving process from beginning to end.


If you already got a head start and you’re on your way, the following facts will give the feel of home before you get to your dream destination: Atlanta.

1.  The size of Atlanta

Sprawling over 14 counties, this metropolitan area runs 50 miles in all directions.  Interstate 285 is the Loop that runs adjacent to its many suburbs. If you are inside the loop, consider yourself “intown.”

2.   Employment Opportunities

With one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation and 15 Fortune 500 companies including Delta, Home Depot, UPS, Coca-Cola, CNN, and others, many consider ATL one of the best cities to move to.  Job opportunities in the city attract many professionals at various career levels to Atlanta, make the best first impression ever when you hire movers with long distance expertise who can help you acclimate yourself to you new hometown.  

3.  Affordable Homes

The median home price is $222,3000, and the median rent is $998 make Atlanta one of the most affordable cities to relocate for singles and young professionals.  The market in the Atlanta area has been steadily rising. Don’t miss out on a chance of a lifetime to own a home at a reasonable price. Only in Atlanta will you find the best real estate deals in the market.

4.   Top-Ranked Schools

A combination of private and public schools offering a top-ranked education from high school to college, Atlanta is home to Westminster Academy and Grady High School as well as Emory University, Georgia Tech, and Spelman College.

5.   You Don’t Need a Car in Atlanta

The Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority, better known as MARTA, will take you where you want to go at affordable rates. With over 35 stops and a 48-mile rail system, commuters from all over the suburbs can get in and out of the city without getting stuck in rush-hour traffic.

However, the car culture is prevalent with its rush hour traffic consequential karma.  Drivers are also notorious for being rude and not giving walkers or bikers the right of way.  So watch out! Get an expert long distance moving company in Atlanta to ease your way through the traffic and the cultural paradigm shift.

6.   Not Just Concrete

Atlanta is full of greenery everywhere you look, that’s why it’s known as the City in a Forest.  Among its many parks and green spaces the Centennial Olympic Park, the Piedmont Park, and the Silver Comet Trail are among the most favored attractions for both tourists and residents.  At the Piedmont Park, a 186-acre oasis, visitors will find playgrounds, a pond, a pool, running  paths, and a dog park.  

A one of a kind experience, the Atlanta’s Botanical Gardens offers breathtaking flower displays that will satisfy the imagination of every flower child and nature lover from around the globe.  Don’t miss the flower park’s Earth Goddess plant sculptures; they are “to die for.”


7.   Diversity Inspired

On Pride Festival Weekend, Atlanta honors its LGBT community with a three-day extravaganza at Piedmont Park where live music, cultural exhibits, and the famous pride parade bring its diverse citizens together.  

ATL is where it’s happening in the music, food, film, and television industry and the vast array of festivals with ultra-high attendance rates show it.  The Dogwood Fest, Imagine Music Festival, Atlanta Ice Cream Festival, Winter Beer Fest, and many, many, more for every unthinkable idea.

8.   A Town for Foodies

Going on a food tour in Atlanta is where you need to start if you’re like most people who love food.   There’s something for everyone from burgers at the Holeman and Finch Public House, to pasta at BoccaLupo, the Heirloom Market BBQ,  the Miller Union ice cream sandwiches, and the pho at Nam Phuong, to name a few. Oh, and don’t forget the Waffle House with its side dish of macaroni and cheese on the veggie side of the menu.


The Varsity, a 90-year-old eatery and the largest drive-in restaurant in the world, is where you experience Atlanta living at its best.

9.  The Birth Place of Martin Luther King Jr.

This is where you can visit the memorial dedicated to the life and legacy of this Civil Rights Leader whose impact on our lives has dramatically influenced our cultural values.  Take a tour of the MLK Jr. monuments, the Historic Ebenezer Baptist church, and visit his last resting place at the Center for Nonviolent Social Change.

10. Home of the World’s Best-Selling Fizz

Coca-Cola, the world’s leading iconic drink for more than 100 years has its roots in this world-class city.  If you would like to learn all about it, visit World of Coca-Cola, a top tourist attraction.

11. Tennis anyone?

You can see many bumper stickers identifying Atlanta Lawn Tennis Association fans.  They really mean business! This non-profit tennis organization is NOT like the AYSO for soccer in that it is highly competitive and although the skill level of AYSO teams has greatly increased, it will fall short of the lawn tennis heritage.

12.  Stars Amongst Us

Yes, Tyler Perry,  Usher, Toni Braxton, Jane Fonda, Julia Roberts, Victoria Principal, Chris Tucker, Hank Aaron, and many more, adorn the skies of this southern hospitality town.

Metro Atlanta is the ninth largest media market in the nation with Cox, Turner (TBS, CNN), FOX, and CBS all have holdings in the Television & Radio Broadcasting industry.

“Atlanta is taking over the Film Industry” is the subject of many blogs about the promising spectrum for independent filmmakers as it became the leader in the number of films produced in 2016.

13.  Don’t Forget Sports

ATL  is always featuring a sports event of some kind.  The NBA Hawks, the WNBA Dream, the NFL Falcons, the almighty MLB Braves, and the MLS United FC  keep fans entertained and worked up all year long.

14.   What About the Arts?

Sports fans take a break to go to the Alliance Theatre once in a blue moon.  The Puppetry Arts Center is one of the most original forms of local art that has taken off in Atlanta.  As you go about the city, notice how there are many mini art installations through the local scene, making ATL an original art exhibitor because it does not constrict art to stuffy museum halls.

15.   Last But Not Least

The Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta is home to more than 100,000 species of aquatic life from around the world living in a 10 million gallon tank of marine and salt water.  It was the largest in the world until Singapore surpassed it with the Marine Life Park.