The level of mobility modern society has reached is utterly fantastic. We check our emails, read the news, and wish each other happy birthday on the go.  From students to corporate employees, people are continually coming and going at the rapid pace of trends in our economy.

For those scaling the corporate ladder, relocation is a likely event. According to the latest market research stats produced by Nielsen, 38% of companies with 5000+ employees relocate more than 400 employees every year.  Moving companies designed primarily for professionals in mid to senior level careers guarantee a stress-free Corporate relocation services.


Transitions are always sensitive times when too much is going on at once.  A relocation move involves so many details that only the most knowledgeable and experienced relocation companies can guarantee a successful move.

The best corporate moving services provide their clients with a detailed moving plan.  In this blueprint, customers will find all the information they need to navigate the relocation process from beginning to end. An experienced relocation company knows how important it is to follow through on a plan for a smooth transition with minimal interruptions given the sensitivity of the matter.

Furthermore, each relocation moving plan is tailored specifically for the needs of the client. The best relocation moving companies understand families are an integral part of the process and take every action necessary to satisfy the communication needs and expectations of the entire family with a focus on confidentiality and security.

Long Distance Moving


The purpose of every relocation move is to meet business goals, advance a career and further a corporations’ mission. In the process, relocation requires communication and collaboration between the parties involved: the corporate Human Resources Team, the relocation company, and the professional.

First, an in-home estimating service calculates costs through a transparent process using the latest tablet-technology. This estimate is then approved and time-synced on all platforms.

Fixed rate agreements on international and domestic moving services ranging from full-service containerized moves to small ones are tailored to the needs of the client.

Next, innovative dispatching systems using leading-edge technology featuring online tracking systems and issue resolution available to the best corporate relocation companies set the wheels in motion. Comprehensive security controls offer certified labor with formally screened crew members to help clients make the most of their relocation package.  Furthermore, an interactive client portal assures everyone is ready for the move and on the same page.

With so many logistics to keep track of between point A and B, the best corporate relocation solutions are built around leading-edge technology with built-in feedback features.


A relocation specialist aligned with the business objectives taking the lead every step of the way will be assigned to every corporate move. Held to the same standards as a long-term partnership would be, their mission is to provide solutions instead of stress.  An experienced moving consultant will be able to negotiate the best lump sum relocation package for every party involved. In the end, the goal is to make everyone happy.

However, the relocation package usually involves reimbursements, direct billing, third-party services, and clauses.  Understanding everything that is required and how to keep track of the transactions made each step of the way according to plan results in the effective execution and flow of operations and stipulated actions to be invoiced, paid, reimbursed or applied to the lump sum of the relocation package before or after taxes.

Because not all expenses are deductible and tax laws vary per state, a tax professional should be consulted as well during the process.  The best corporate relocation services will be cognizant of the tax rules that pertain to every interstate or international relocation on a case by case basis.


Taking into consideration the long-term consequences of each measurable action is the moving consultant‘s or counselor’s job along with the logistics, the hiring of third parties, and the seeing to every detail of the corporate move from prepackaging to delivery.  In some cases, even the sale, rental, and purchase of real estate may be part of the relocation move and the overall scenario of the corporate relocation strategy. Amateurish relocation companies will not withstand the pressure of dealing with so many fronts at once, but an experienced and stable corporate relocation service will have your back step by step and connect all the dots. Keeping everyone involved aware and informed of the actions, guaranteeing safety and confidentiality along the way by keeping all data safe and stored within code is the most sensitive part of the move.

Safety first in packaging, loading, transporting to the next touchpoint, unloading into the right freight, following the itinerary to the next point where it will again be transported, and finally delivered with precision and punctuality, doesn’t come about by chance. Proper coding, storing, and sharing of information is necessary for a smooth flow of events. The roadblocks are always overcome by following the safety measures to the Tee at every game, guarantees a stress-free corporate move.