Cross Country Moving Companies

Regardless of how simple or complex a move is there are many factors to consider when moving your belongings with a cross country moving company.  Not every job is the same and cross-country relocation needs to be handled as such. The best national moving companies are aware of this. It is your responsibility to find the Cross Country moving companies that has this understanding.  Anything less can result in bigger problems and bigger bottom lines that you were ever expecting.

    The scope of work needs to be considered in factoring an estimate.  Yes, we said estimate. It is very hard for a household moving company to know exactly what will affect the final invoice, but the best companies will be forthcoming with these factors and won’t leave a detail undiscussed.

    If you move is from Florida to Alaska, or New York to Baja California a cross country relocation has factors such as state laws pertaining to a cross country move.  A company with a good reputation even has resources available to you once you have started settling in your new location. Here is a quick list of service options that are available through most cross country relocation services.

  •    Full-service packing
  •    The sale of packing materials
  •    Fragile item packing services
  •    Crating that is custom to the job
  •    Packing/Unpacking
  •    Removal of Debris
  •    Longterm and short term storage capabilities
  •    Shipping automobiles
  •    Piano relocation
  •    Third-party services
Household Movers

You need to have service you can rely on

When moving your home across the nation be sure to educate yourself and benefit from the enjoyment of not having to worry about every process of a do it yourself move. By using an affordable cross country moving company you alleviate the stress and get on with the rest of your life.  Services that are offered by a great moving company are listed below:

  •    Guides for Packing
  •    Instructional videos explaining the moving process
  •    Shipping calculators
  •    Shipping trackers and much more

The cross country moving companies that have great reviews from happy customers offer these types of services to instill confidence that the person who is moving is aware of ways to help the moving process right along and not end up with surprising snags in the process.  Every issue that arises effects the time in which your belongings will arrive at your new residence. A company should take the time to inform you of ways to avoid such incidences and lead you toward a seamless relocation.

What is the cost of such a large move?

There are many things that are considered when factoring an estimate for a cross country move.  The price is reflective of how many belonging that will be relocated and any additional charges that are included due to extra services you wish to use.  Do you have more fragile objects that need moving? Will you be packing yourself or leaving it to the professionals? What about your vehicle if you decide to fly to your new destination?  These are to be considered that amount to the total owed once all is said and done. Your move needs to be tailor-made to suit your needs and exceptional national moving companies are aware of this and will make you aware of all options up front and still work within your budget.

How long does it take to move across state lines?

The configuration of transit time is hard to factor for so many reasons.  Your movers may take longer than expected during the packing process due to unforeseen matters.  Your job may have needed just one extra hand that wasn’t expected or maybe the weather was a deterrent in your move to keep your items safe.  Generally, once a truck is loaded it takes about 2 days to a week for the moving truck to arrive at your new location, depending on how many miles are between your old home and your new one.  That is why every good moving company gives you a guarantee of a time window. Not a guarantee of an exact day. Any company who gives you an exact day should set an alarm that maybe they aren’t being very honest about other aspects of your move.  

5 Steps to a cross country move that works seamlessly

Prepping for a big move takes a lot more than just packing for it.  Planning is key when making a move as smooth as possible. Follow these steps to assist in making your move happen with ease:

Get rid of the clutter.

 The more items you have the more it will cost to move them.  Be sure to go through everything you own and rid yourself of items that you no longer need.  If you haven’t used it or worn it in over a year, chances are you never will. Donate or sell the items you no longer need.  Great ways to assist in the sale of your items are websites like Craigslist and the app OfferUp. Selling your items, if you have the extra time and energy, can also help alleviate some of your relocation costs.  If you don’t have the time to spend selling your items there are many charities that will come pick up your items. Remind yourself that you are giving to a good cause to help you part with items you, at some point, though you couldn’t live without.


Being as organized as possible will not only help make an itemized inventory of your belonging before you move but also help in the settling process when you have relocated to your new home.  It is important to first pack the items you will not need until the final packing day. Items of this nature are knick knacks, books, and things of the sort. Label your boxes clearly with the types of items inside and the rooms in which the movers know where to place them.  Taking photos of your valuables is a great tip to be sure none of your most valued possessions disappear in your moving process.

Prep your new location and settle for your old one.

Approximately 3 weeks before your moving day comes you should call the utility companies of your new home to be sure that you and your movers arrive at electricity and running water.  This is a good time to call your current utility companies to shut off any services like cable and newspaper subscriptions. Don’t forget your change of address! Also, if you are driving yourself across the country about 2 weeks ahead of time go ahead and have your car serviced for the long distance haul so you don’t have any mechanical problems along the way.

Keep your treasured items with you.

Although your household moving company will handle all of your items with the best care possible, accidents happen.  Antiques and items that are very fragile should move with you, along with high priced belonging such as jewelry. Pack your suitcases with all the necessities like toiletries, clothes, and laptops that you will need on your journey to your new destination.  Those are the last items on your list that need packing.

We understand that taking on a task like a cross country relocation is overwhelming and very stressful but that’s why national moving companies are available to help.  It should be their main goal to make the process as painless as possible.