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Are you ready for the southwest lifestyle? If so, the city of El Paso will give you the authentic taste of a southwest town in a big city frame. In recent months, more than 100,000 people have moved to El Paso; its champion long distance El Paso movers are constantly on the go and for good reason. El Paso has become a booming economy in this high-frequency border with a prominent federal presence.  


When choosing the perfect mover for your long distance moving needs to El Paso. keep in mind that It’s not by chance that a moving company becomes the leader in its class.  Both, local or long distance, the best movers achieve high profile rankings only when customers have repeatedly expressed satisfaction and refer the company’s services to their family and friends.  Known as WOM, word of mouth referrals are found in the digital universe as reviews and social posts and account for a company’s success over time. El Paso long distance movers are no different; they rely on customer feedback to grow their business.


Entrepreneurs agree that detail-oriented, person-to-person customer care is the most valuable asset a moving company has.  A high level of excellence as a full-service and long distance mover in El Paso can only be achieved by meeting the highest standards. From the quality of packaging supplies and materials to the skilled and expert hands that guide customers in the moving process from beginning to end; every detail matters.


When clear and concise communication is followed by precise action and a positive attitude, your moving blues will turn into beautiful moving hues. Know exactly what it takes to get you on the move with a precision quote that you can rest assure won’t give you any surprises in the end.  Only the best established and reputable long distance movers in El Paso with a full-service deck can handle both the toughest and the lightest moving jobs. Call them for an estimate and get your move on the groove.  

Here are the top 9 reasons why you should move to El Paso, the Sun City located on the Rio Grande just across the border from Juarez, Mexico.  With an estimated 2017 population of nearly 700,000 residents and growing by the minute, El Paso is where opportunity calls for thousands of US professionals each year.

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Reason 1 – El Paso Has The Best Weather

El Paso has the best weather, always.  Known as the Sun City, with 297 sunny days per year, it is well above the average 205 nationally.  El Paso gets roughly 10 inches of rain per year, way below the national average of 39 inches annually.  Snowfall is also one of the lowest averages, receiving 7 inches per year in contrast to 26 inches which is the national snowfall average.

Temperatures in the summer can be as high as 96 degrees and in the winter, January, the coldest month, has been known to record lows of 30.

According to the Sperling’s Comfort Index, El Paso has a score of 69 (100 is the highest) with a more comfortable year-round climate.

Reason 2 – El Paso’s Affordable Housing

El Paso ranks #4 as the hottest real-estate market according to Trulia’s list of 100 best real-estate markets to look out for in 2018, beating state rivals, San Antonio, Fort Worth and Austin.

The average price of a home in El Paso is $186,611 making it an attractive starting out place for singles and young families with a median age of 33.   “Mission Hills is an up and coming community where you will see great expansions,” says Real Estate professional, Mark Mendez, a native El Pasoan, adding that “the cost of living makes El Paso a perfect location for young professionals.”

Although downtown El Paso hasn’t exploded yet, community leaders believe there will be a future growth spur in this arts hub which also offers farmer markets within its solid arts district.


Reason 3 – Job Growth in El Paso

The unemployment rate in El Paso is below the national average of 5.2%,  at 4.8%. The future job market growth over the next ten years is predicted to be 37.2%, and average household income is $42,037.

El Paso has an active Federal presence due to its border location with Mexico.  This Federal activity is also a source of employment and economic growth. However, much of its economic development is owed to companies like Hewlett Packard and Raytheon which are based there.  Boeing will be leaving in 2020, and 300 jobs will be lost.

Reason 4 – El Paso Is a Happy Place

El Paso ranked 76 in the best place to live out of 100 listed.  According to the World report and U.S. News Report, this ranking was based on the quality of life, job market, and people’s satisfaction level.  Factors contributing to rank the city as one of the best places to live are its low depression, suicide, and divorce rates. El Paso is also considered one of the top 500 cities on safety, housing affordability, education quality, and child-friendliness.  

Reason 5 – Public Transportation in El Paso

Brio, El Paso’s bus rapid transit, became a reality in 2014 when Sun Metro took the necessary steps to transform the city’s mass transit into a first-class public transportation system.  The project offers Sun City’s residents the ability to travel faster and more comfortably in a 60-foot bus holding up to 70 passengers between its terminal stations every ten minutes during peak times and at 15-minute intervals during off-peak hours for 14 hours a day, Monday to Friday.  On Saturdays, it offers 20-minute interval rides. The buses use natural gas (CNG) and have three doors for faster boarding.

For car drivers, El Paso is known to have less traffic than other major cities and a lower commute time of 15 minutes, as well.


Reason 6 – Recreation for El Paso Visitors

Adventure Zone is a favorite family destination where kids and grownups can enjoy cutting-edge virtual reality, simulator motion games, and more. A Speed Zone with over 800 feet of twists and turns for go-kart lovers and a Bumper Zone with 100,000 gallons of water top the list for kids favorite. The Ascarate Aquatic center holds one of few Olympic-size pools used for competition in El Paso County and is an excellent place for families where they can also enjoy baseball and soccer field activities.

If you are on a culture trip, the Casa de Azucar, Hueco Tanks, B-36 Bomber Crash Site, The Wyler Aerial Tramway, the Sunland Park Dinosaur Tracks, John Wesley Hardin’s Grave, and the best, the Lhakhang Cultural exhibit, are all must-see destinations in El Paso.

If you would like to spend time in the wilderness surrounded by mountains, then you can go hiking at the Franklin Mountains State Park, the Chamizal National Park, and the Mckelligon Canyon Park. Ski Resorts are only an hour away.

Reason 7 – Shopping and Dining in El Paso

El Paso may have a strong Mexican/Tex-Mex ethnic pull, after all, 80% of its population is of Hispanic descent, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find variety in dining choices. For example Café Central has an all American, International flavor, Mesa Street Grill is known for its Seafood, and Anson Eleven for its American, Bar, and Vegetarian-friendly menu.

Reason 8 – The Arts Scene of El Paso

There are plenty of museums and galleries in El Paso, the Museum of History showcases 400 years of U.S./Mexico history, and the Holocaust Museum is one of the best educational museums of its kind.  The Magoffin Home State Historic Site is a 19-room house built from Adobe in 1875. The Museum of Archeology and the Tigua Indian Cultural Center offer extensive learning and galleries for all ages. Among the Visual Arts spectrum is the International Museum of Art and the El Pao Art Museum.  The El Paso Performing Arts Center gives Broadway quality performances, and the El Paso Symphony denotes its prominence in the arts. Not every city has a symphony orchestra, but El Paso does.  

Plans to develop the Artspace El Paso offering an affordable living to artists in the downtown area is expected to explode as a favorite Arts hub.

Reason 9 – The Quality of Education in El Paso

The University of Texas at El Paso, UTEP, is Texas’ third largest campus and ranks 4th among Texas public university system.  It is listed in the Top 200 research universities in the US.  UTEP faculty researchers secured $77 million in grant awards in 2016 and were the recipient of the National Science Foundation Service grant.

About 77% of El Paso residents hold a high school diploma and nearly 23% have received a higher education degree.