If you have ever had the annoying experience of buying furniture or appliances and having to pay an arm and a leg for its delivery you’ll appreciate a furniture delivery service near you.


At one point or another in their lives, 88% of people will hire the services of a delivery truck. Most people think of furniture delivery trucks are the only services people contract when they are moving. While moving is one of the most frequent reasons people need a delivery truck service, they do more than move people from one home to another.

Perhaps you lived more than 30 miles away from the furniture store or outlet, and they didn’t offer free delivery service to cover that distance. Well, it happens more often than you’d think. Lots of folks would like to take advantage of reasonable prices at garage sales or clearances going on in nearby locations. Whether it’s a furniture or appliance retail store or a private seller, a delivery truck is always necessary to haul the stuff to your home or office, be it 30 or more miles away.

However, most people don’t own a truck that can hold the goods that a furniture delivery truck can.  Don’t let that stop you. There is hope. Did you know the top of the line furniture delivery trucks near you are waiting for your call or email when you most need them?

Furniture moving


Reliable, insured trucks with all the necessary fringes will deliver furniture and appliances where you want them when you want them, whether it’s 5 or 500 miles away. However, beware, not all delivery truck services are created equal. The best delivery services provide background checked movers and trucks would stand out from the rest.  So, when you are ready to make that purchase, look up by typing in the search words for furniture and appliances delivery services near me on the web, and make sure you find one that has guaranteed services. The best will pass the test.


This is the age of the company review.  Consumers have never been more informed about a company’s reliability and community standing than today. Nowadays, you can check out a delivery service company’s reviews on the internet channels available on the worldwide web. One way is to look for reviews on the company’s website or by their location according to the types of services they provide. Also, services that offer business listings by location (like the Yellow Pages and Yext) include in their information template a lot more than their address, phone number, the types of delivery service they provide, and the distances and geographic areas they cover.  That’s all pertinent information to have, of course.

However, you can also see how well people who have contracted the company’s services in the past have rated their delivery and customer service along with other insights.  On their website, the company will have the review rating system visible and available for you to see in a prominent place on the web page. People searching for furniture delivery services will also be able to read the customers’ experiences in great detail just below the star rating.   The best furniture delivery companies should display between 3 to 6 different reviews giving evidence of their skill and reputation. If a company is serious about their business and wants to be a reputable long lasting company, they will be punctual and facilitate the customer’s experience so they can tell the whole world and attract even more business.


Don’t be fooled by wannabes.  A close friend who recently relocated to Ohio spilled out her guts on the phone in tears.  She was duped by a delivery service who promised to deliver the antique piece she had bought at a local shop that didn’t offer delivery. Well, antiques are very fragile, which makes them even more valuable.  After explaining to the company’s manager about the value and care of the Louis XIII sofa that she needed to be delivered by a specific date, the manager assured her the movers were trained and knowledgeable about moving antique furniture.  So she trusted they would do the right job. However, on the delivery date, the mover was not only 4 hours late, but when they finally arrived, the sofa’s velvet cushions had flown off the seats and been dragged through the mud because the truck was an open bed truck which also delivered a few other pieces before bringing hers to the door. To her dismay, the delivery truck had no insurance on the goods it carried, and she lost the investment value of the sofa.

If you want peace of mind, make sure you ask the right questions and avoid surprises.  Read Not only reviews left by others on the website but also foresee the worst scenario.  Ask them what type of trucks they use and how much they would pay for damaged goods. There usually is a maximum, depending on the kind of insurance coverage limit of the policy.