Household Moving

If you are thinking about moving, have been relocated by your company, or are pursuing a new role away from home for a temporary or long-term move, your moving experience can be successful and stress-free when you decide to hire the right Household moving company.

It may not surprise you to know that moving services have become sophisticated enterprises ready to solve any problem anywhere across the nation or abroad.  When it comes to the four steps of moving, planning, packaging , transporting, and delivery, a  personalized moving plan is where it all starts.  Whether you’re moving household goods, automobiles or sensitive data across the nation or ocean, the more specific the plan, the higher the chances of success your move will have.

7 Qualities to Expect from The Best Moving Companies

  1. No hidden fees after the move
  2. Fixed rates that don’t change over state lines
  3. Licensed & Bonded to guarantee the safety of your household move
  4. Vehicle and goods insurance policies with optimal coverage
  5. Excellent Reviews & referrals from real customers
  6. Customized service options for every need
  7. Best ongoing customer care and communication practices

Affordability is at the top of everyone’s list when it comes to household moving. The stress associated with moving is only assuaged by the lack of unwelcomed surprises when you’ve gone over the hurdles and settled in after the move.

However, the last thing you want is having to dish out extra cash to cover excess fees that were not included in the original agreement.  So read the small print carefully and ask as many questions as possible before committing to a company. The rate that is customarily quoted during the planning stage of a move should be the total amount you have to pay for all the services.  If there are any exceptions, you must first get it in writing. However, what happens when you don’t read the small print , usually placed in separate clauses at the bottom of the page, is that you will be getting a bill when you least expect it.  Solve this situation beforehand in a proactive way.

Every reputable moving company knows quality customer care is their best and most useful word of mouth advertisement for their services. One way to make everyone happy is to customize the moving process to fit the needs of the client through moving options that include packing, full service, and DIY options. Being flexible is an advantage since many customers whose needs vary by the size of their household move, their budget goals, and the distance between point A and B need different options.  

Household Movers

Options for Packing

  • DIY Packing – This is a popular option for many. Packing your belongings yourself a little bit at a time or all at once can be a pleasant experience, especially when you are sorting out the belongings you are going to keep and those you will donate or throw.  Packing boxes and supplies should be appropriate in size and should be filled to the top to avoid ramblings and breaking. Label each box with the name of the room where it belongs. In one box, place the essential things you will need first at the new place so it can be readily accessed.

When boxes are not of good quality, items will fall out, and the box will burst by its weight when moved.  Expert movers recommend investing in supplies not as an added benefit to the moving company but as a crucial part of the moving process that guarantees the best results. Poorly packaged household belongings cannot ensure the safety of the belongings packed inside.

  • Full-Service Packing  – Of course, the job of sorting out what you’re willing to throw and what’s left to pack is entirely left up to you. However, movers are trained to pack for efficiency and safety using moving supplies that are resistant and convenient.  That way your belongings will be safely packed for the ride. One thing most people don’t take the time to do is labeling each box according to its content so that they will know in which room to place the box.
  • Fragile Packing – irreplaceable valuables, antiques, fragile ware, and those rare and delicate belongings deserve the utmost care while packing.  Let a furniture delivery service professional handle the important stuff while you relax knowing it’s in the best hands.

The Basic Moving Package

  • Moving day – Before the big M day comes, everything in your home must be packed and ready for loading. Professional movers will inspect packed to make sure they meet the safety standards of the company.  As you may already know, each box must be filled to the top with items, paper, plastic or bubble sheets to avoid shifting. The movers will then proceed to load the household belongings in a systematic  order onto the moving truck.  Furniture and appliances that cannot be boxed will be covered with durable stretch plastic material to prevent scratching and soiling.
  • Your household on the move –  Safety is the primary concern of professional movers. Once they are on the road loaded with someone’s home on their truck bed, they won’t rest until delivery is assured. The best moving trucks and trailers are equipped with air ride suspension systems for a smooth transition.  Drivers should be licensed, trained and certified professionals committed to making sure your household gets home safe.
  • Unloading the goods –  The unloading process is just as crucial to the moving experience as is the loading.  Professional movers take great care in delivering the boxes and furniture to the right rooms in the new home. It’s a matter of planning.  

After delivery, the best movers will take inventory of the household goods being delivered during the unloading process. This precaution is taken for accountability purposes to make sure nothing goes missing in the interim between point A and B.

Reassembling the furniture at the request of the client is another option that customers must buy into from the beginning of the process during the planning stage.  During the delivery and settling-in phase of the move, customers see the benefit of reassembly, but if it’s not in agreement, you should at least have a quote in writing.  

Additional Moving Services Available

  • Unpacking – Safety is also an issue during unpacking.  Professional moving services unpack your household belongings with extreme care and place them in their respective cupboards, drawers, and closets if you request it. Removing packing materials can also be part of the service. This is an option that many clients also need to think about during the planning stages so you can receive a quote in writing.
  • Crate – Crates in which to place electronic equipment and other unique items that require special protection is also a service available upon request that you should know about beforehand.
  • Cars/Boats – Transporting vehicles such as cars, boats, and motorcycles is a service that gets overlooked by many that you should be aware of during your initial inquiry.
  • Assembly/Disassembly – This is a before and after service. Your furniture in one piece where you want it placed for convenience.
  • Storage – A 90-day in-transit storage service is part of the best moving companies’ packages and options for those who need it.