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America is obsessed with THE BEST of everything.  And Houston has plenty of #1’s that make it such a desirable place to move. Talking about best,  you should only expect the best from the Houston Movers company you choose to spur your way into the best city to move to in America, Houston.  Experts in long distance moving across the nation and worldwide, and the best moving companies go out of their way to help their clients settle into their new location.


Movers know moving IS stressful, but when a strong, experienced moving company has your back, you can kiss all your troubles goodbye.  Get your moving guide from the most efficient and caring local and long distance mover in Houston.  Their professional staff and information materials will help you plan and execute the move of your life. Whether you’re moving locally or long distance, alone or with family and pets, Houston movers with a full service deck will help you achieve the success you deserve.


Moving requires paying attention to many little details such as turning off and turning on utilities, changing your address, making sure you have the keys to your new place waiting for you, completing the paperwork needed for leasing or purchasing your new residence, making property walk-throughs, emptying out trash, painting, and the list goes on and on.  A responsible mover gives you the tools you need to help you remember the endless tasks.   


Don’t waste time and effort in DIY tactics that will end up costing you more and making you frustrated.  You deserve to move in style with no worries.  To start off, the best, top-notch movers will help you plan by estimating the number of packages you will need.  This will also give you an idea of the the cost since moving trucks measure their loads by pounds and charge accordingly.   Leave the packaging, loading, unloading, driving, and unpacking to the #1 Houston movers. Don’t worry, everything is tax deductible. Why sweat the small stuff when you can be enjoying your new life in America’s #1 Best Place to live, Houston.


While you leave all your moving worries in Houston’s #1 mover’s experts hands, here are some of the #1 spots Houston holds in the nation as reported by the U.S. News & World Report and several media sources. Houston ranks highest among the following:

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Houston is #1 in

  •    The best hospital for cancer in the country, the MD Anderson Cancer Center
  •    Top metro construction job growth
  •    Best race/class interaction – Rice University
  •    The most affordable multifamily housing market
  •    Economic growth potential
  •    Best seaport
  •    Best center for energy study at Rice University
  •    Best online criminal justice program at Sam Houston University
  •    Best city for young professionals to start a career
  •    Best city for minority entrepreneurs
  •    Fastest growing city in America
  •    Most competitive city in metals,
  •    machinery & equipment,
  •    energy,
  •    chemicals & plastics
  •    Exports


Making a decision that can alter your life forever requires proper handling.  Contact the best movers and moving companies in the area, compare estimates and receive a complimentary moving guide to Houston’s neighborhoods and roadways.


Houston attracts those with an Entrepreneurial vein as well as workers wishing to hold a position at any of the many Fortune 500 companies with holdings in the 4th largest economy in the nation and the largest of the south.  Houston is home to 2.3 million residents. Its racial makeup is 37.3% Anglo, 36.5% Hispanic, 16% African-American, 7.5% Asian, and 1.8% other. Experts in demographics analysis opine that Houston resembles the U.S. ethnic composition in 40 or fewer years to come.  If you are moving household goods here your best bet is to hire locals to do the unloading. Contact the best local moving companies in the area and compare labor rates.  



Houston’s affordability is higher than most cities in the US on

  •    Groceries
  •    Healthcare
  •    Median Home Cost  
  •    Utilities
  •    Transportation


The cost of moving depends on the miles you will be covering and the amount of pounds the truck will be hauling.  When calculating the cost of moving for tax purposes make sure to include an estimate. The best thing to do is to call a long distance mover and ask them to provide a quick quote.  The best moving companies offer complimentary moving guides and help you get acquainted with the process.


The rising cost of homes is due to a limited supply.  As more people relocate to this fast-growing economy, the housing cost rises above the national average.

Home prices have increased 3.4 percent in the Houston metro area and are projected to grow over the next year.


#26 in Best Places to Live

•    Health – world renown for its superior medical community, the Texas Medical Center is the largest in the world, only ten minutes from downtown Houston.  Situated within 675 acres, it houses 42 nonprofit and government institutions, 13 teaching hospitals, two medical schools and four colleges of nursing, a dental college and a pharmacy and optometry college. The center sees 5 million patients each year.

Houston employs more than 100,000 health care professional, and the health industry comprises about ten percent of the total workforce in the Houston metro area.

Houston residents have access to public health prevention and treatment in the City.

•    Transportation –  The majority of Houston residents make the congested commute rather than take the Metropolitan Transit Authority METRO, a light-rail system that operates within the metro area.  It’s primary airport, the George Bush Intercontinental, is one of the busiest international hubs.

•    Things To Do – Houston has the privilege of hosting resident companies in theater, ballet, symphony, and opera.  The Theater District is a 17-block center with more than 12,000 seats. Only New York has more seats in a concentrated area.   

Houston’s Museum District holds a vast array of fine art galleries, museums, and cultural exhibits ranking among the best and most extensive collection of art in the nation, and it is visited by over 4 million people annually.

•     Weather/Geography –  Mild winters and hot summers characterize the Houston climate.  Average seasonal temperatures are 55 in the winter and 83 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. The average rainfall is 22 inches per year.  Severe thunderstorms occur during the summer months, and flooding can be a problem. It is part of the Texas Gulf Coast Biome and very flat.   Grassland and swamp surround it. Four major bayous run through Houston.

•    Super Neighborhoods Houston’s Super Neighborhood Council has divided Houston into 88 Super Neighborhoods.  These communities serve as a forum to work together in identifying, planning, and setting priorities concerning the needs of the community and its residents.  City government and the communities work together to meet the needs of the city as the need arises when reported by the community residents.

•    Business Overview –  The Bayou city, as Houston is known, is a thriving southern city like no other, becoming an international destination and of the world’s greatest cities.  There are 23 Fortune 500 companies in the Houston metro area.

•    The Port of  Houston ranks as the nation’s largest port in international tonnage and second in total capacity.

•    Infrastructure – Houston has three airports, heavy trucking, and rail system linking the southern, south-central, midwestern, and western US regions.  Thee are in excess of 600 trucking firms operating in Houston, and 14 mainline tracks are stemming out of Houston.

  •    Job Force – a highly diverse and highly-skilled, multilingual, multicultural workforce, 25% of which has a 4-year degree, and speaks 90 different languages make up the Houston workforce.


Now that you have some details and facts on how Houston ranks as one of the best and more affordable places to live, it’s time to look into neighborhoods to relocate with your family or as a single person.

The Best Houston Neighborhoods:

  1.   Garden Oaks/Oak Forest – this is a hipster neighborhood located within the inner loop of the city.  Eclectic entertainment and dining highlight the after work and weekend scene.
  2.    Cypress – one of the hottest real-estate markets in the city.  New developments, lots of trees, and one of the best school districts in Texas.  
  3.    East Downtown –  in the past, this neighborhood was characterized by its Asian population.  However, after the 90s, the area was revitalized and became an essential part of the downtown residential sector.   

The Best Houston Suburbs:

  1.   The Woodlands – How to more than 100,000 residents, home prices average $300,000.  Great schools, lots of green spaces, and quaint shopping strips make this the premier suburban Houston lifestyle.   
  2.   Katy –   This may be a tiny suburb of only 16,000 people, but it is more affordable than Woodlands, and investment opportunities make it a desirable location for entrepreneurial-minded people.
  3.    Galveston – This area is recovering from Hurricane Harvey with the help of the community and area organizations.  Galveston views are the best.