Interstate Moving companies

It shouldn’t matter whether your interstate moving plans are large or small, the best interstate moving companies in the industry should be able to handle both with the upmost care and professionalism.  Your move should be seamless in planning and to make it as stress-free as possible. No matter the distance your security in putting your whole life in other’s hands shouldn’t make you lose sleep at night.

Below we have compiled a list of tips and tricks to make this long distance moving process as painless as possible.

Interstate Moving Companies Cost?

 The first step you should take when deciding on which is the best interstate moving companies to start with is to start pricing out quotes.  There are a ton of things that influence the cost with a interstate moving companies. Are you a DIY packer or will you need your movers to pack for you and charge you for your moving supplies?  Will you need storage capabilities on either end of your move? How many extra service packages will be included to assist in your move? It is important to know all the potential costs at the starting line.  Any companies that look like they are potentially hiding fees, probably are. Be wary of these companies.

How Long?

 It is very hard to know the exact day your belonging will be at your new location but generally a move takes about 3-5 business days once the truck is loaded.  Everything else, like whether the company is packing for you, is dependent on whether your estimate is agreed upon and a contract is signed with your moving company.

Available Everywhere?

 You betcha!  Most interstate moving companies who travel over state lines can go anywhere you need to go.  Through a network of trusted third-party lines, if needed, there isn’t anywhere they can’t relocate you.

interstate moving companies

Tips for Interstate Moving Services

Choosing the interstate moving company and services you want to use for your interstate move is just part of the picture. To make your move go more smoothly, use these tips:

Lose the Clutter!

The more there is to move the more money it will cost to move it.  It is best to cut down how many belonging you will be taking with you.  The best way to do this is to have a yard sale or donate items to a local charity.  You can also use many online websites and apps to resell your items. Great sites for this are Craigslist and OfferUp.  Selling your items, if you have the time, will assist you in paying your moving costs. There is always a silver lining!

Get as organized as possible.  

6-8 weeks before you move, start packing things you won’t need during your move in process—albums, clothes you won’t be wearing, décor, and books.  Be sure to label your boxes clearing saying what’s in them and where they go in your new home. Doing this gives you enough time do decide how many boxes you need exactly.  Go ahead and order your boxes at this time.

Prepare both homes.

About 4 weeks before you move start with preparing both your homes.  As you pack clean as you go in your old home clean extra well if you rent so your deposit can be owed back to you.  Be sure to notify utilities companies in both cities and turn yours off and have them turned on in your new place so you and your movers do not show up to no electricity or water.  Do a change of address.

Pack your valuables.  

 Your fragile items should go with you to avoid an accident happening and something breaking.  High valued items like jewelry and antiques should ride or fly with you as well.