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Moving to Kentucky?

Every time we tell people we lived in Kentucky we get a rather ambiguous reaction. Some folks get surprised we moved there at the first place, others feel pity for us, and somebody else shows sincere interest and wants to learn more.

Those of you who are fond of horses may know Kentucky as a land of horse sales and horse races. Those who drink bourbon could have heard or tasted Kentucky whiskey which, by the way, is sold all over the world.

First Things First

Yes, Kentucky is a horse, farm, bourbon and country state. But besides that, there is so much more.

I have been an expat during a year in Kentucky when Mark spent almost nine years there. It has been one of our favorite places and we were happy to call it home. Today, we would love to share some details of living there. So, if you are thinking about moving to Kentucky we hope this article will help you make a right decision.

Packaging, Loading/Unloading, and Settling Into Your New Home

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Once you have selected a well-established long distance moving company with a full service frame in Kentucky,  relax and enjoy the following Q&A about moving to Kentucky to give you a deeper insight into your new surroundings and help you make the best first impression ever.

1.   Wheater in Kentucky?

There are only a few weeks per year when the weather is enjoyable and makes you want to live outside.

Those a few weeks of pleasant time are in spring and during the fall. That’s it. The rest of the year is either unbearably hot, or icy and cold. With the beginning of spring, allergies start to kick in and many people make a nasal spray their best friend.

Summer usually begins early, I would say around May and lasts until the end of September. Summers are extremely humid and hot. To walk from the front door to your car will make you forget about the shower you took ten minutes before leaving.

In winter, if you park your car outside, be ready to spend some of your mornings scraping the ice off (yes, ice, not snow) from the windshield.

Unfortunately, for nature lovers weather may become an obstacle when wanting to explore the state. It gets really unpredictable. As mentioned above, it’s either too hot or too cold. And the reason is all that unwanted humidity.

2.   Cost of living?

Kentucky was, is and for a while probably will be one of the cheapest states to live in. Year after year it ranks as one of ten cheapest American states for a living.

The largest two cities are Louisville and Lexington, and most opportunities exist there. The average salary is around 12-15 dollars per hour, but it really depends what field you are in.

You can expect to pay around $500 for an unfurnished one bedroom apartment in a decent neighborhood. A studio may cost less. Private furnished room with your own bathroom in someone’s home will cost between $200-$300 a month. Townhouse prices are in the range of $750-$1000 a month.

Anywhere in Kentucky, including the cities, you will need to have a car. So don’t forget to add expenses for gas and insurance. Both of them are relatively cheap.

Groceries and dining out will cost around $300 (let’s say you are eating healthy, nutritious foods).


3. How is the People?

Our favorite part about Kentucky was about the state’s people.

Lord be praised, the most hospitable, kind, generous and down-to-earth people live in Kentucky and neighboring states.

They smile, try to help and welcome you right away. Kentucky is one of the Bible Belt states (meaning that conservative Protestantism plays a strong role in politics and society), finding your church and community will be easy-peasy.

Kentuckians are truly wonderful souls who care about each other. Of course, dishonest people exist everywhere, but overall people are friendly and kind.

Even if you don’t end up moving to Kentucky, come to visit and experience amazing southern hospitality and generosity of people in this state.

4.   Nature

If you are thinking there is not much to do in Kentucky naturewise, you are wrong! From many cool hiking trails to the longest cave system in the world, everyone can find something of his interest.

While living in Kentucky, we went on many awesome road trips around the state, hiked and just spent lots of time in nature.

Kentucky is also a home to the world’s natural wonder Moonbow. There are only three places in the entire world where you can witness a moonbow and Cumberland Falls State Park is one of them.

Happy moving to Kentucky, a place we hope you will love to call home.