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Moving to Miami is a paradigm shifting experience.  That’s why you need the most efficient and reliable long distance Miami movers for the job. Besides a multicultural perspective, you’ll need sound advice on how to become acclimated to not only Miami’s sizzling weather but also its people.

Miami’s most honest and competent Miami movers are well-established in the community and can provide you with the most up-to-date insider tips on what to expect when you come to paradise under the sun and the stars.   They know exactly what you’ll need to make a smooth transition from where ever you’re coming from. Long distance moving shouldn’t be more stressful than a local one, but when you’ve got the right moving company watching out for you neither one will be stressful. It’s just a matter of knowing what you’re doing and how.  Professional movers in Miami will give you the best advice and can help you settle into your new hubspot.

Clients can count on years of experience and a dedicated crew to come through every time when they hire a full service, long distance mover in Miami.  Not only will you find all your moving needs, like boxes and tape, in one place, but you’ll also find smart, proactive human resources to carry you every step of the way. For beginners, a moving guide can be your best buddy. When you visit a legitimate moving company in Miami you’ll receive an education on how to go about the process of moving including truthful quotes and tips about the city you’re going to be calling home, soon, Miami. Bienvenido!

Many who visit Miami Beach fall in love with its Caribbean flavor and beach-town mentality, its sunny days and scorching nights always busting with loud music and people no matter what the time. Miami is a frequent destination for cross-country movers hauling their dreams and looking for adventures in paradise.

However, Miami residents put up with horrible rush hour traffic, bad and ruthless drivers, 96-degree temperatures, high rents, inflated home prices, low salaries, and the worse humidity almost 70 percent of the year.


The buy-in is that people also know escapades into that carefree world of flip-flops in the morning and club wear in the evening, sipping a Cafecito at 4:00 am by the seaside after a night of fine dining, arts & entertaining, is only an hour away, even if they live in the farthest suburb from the hub.


So if you are thinking of moving to Miami, the following insights coming from an insider will get you ready for the move of your life, the MIA.


A word of advice before you hire long distance movers in Miami, make sure to look up the moving company reviews and the movers’ ratings with the BBB to avoid any surprises.

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How Miami Compares to Other Cities

Miami is #110 Best Place to Live

Miami ranks #110 among the Best Places to live in the US and #30 on the Best Places to retire list.  It’s hard to believe that anyone can afford to retire in Miami anymore. However, North Miami Beach may still be a haven for snowbirds ready to shed their heavy green coats.  Sunny Isles, just after Miami Beach, is a hub for Eastern Europeans, especially Russians, as well as tourists who can afford Trump Tour rates. If you are moving to the Magic City, get the best quotes from certified, licensed moving professionals.  Beware of scammers!

South Beach Living

If you’re thinking of moving to South Beach which is part of the Miami-Dade scene, and have to move your furniture and household goods make sure to hire experts, they will know how to park in narrow places, sometimes against traffic, no kidding.


South Beach is the realm of worldly New Age and Metro Millennials working and playing in the area, living in Art Deco studios, some of which still have window AC units and no elevators to the top floor which is usually the second story.  This may affect the moving rates as movers will have to climb stairs. Don’t forget to tip the movers for their prowess.

Tourists usually stay at the more commercial streets in South Beach like Washington Avenue and Collins, where the old 60s buildings have already been remodeled, or at the new and few high rises on Collins Ave.


Miami Beach studios for rent on a short-term basis start at  $500 per week- the closer the property is to the beachside the higher the price.  Monthly rent for studios and 1-3 bedroom apartments in South Beach range from $1,200 to $12,000. One + bedroom apartments here are usually shared among several roommates.  Moving companies in the Miami area are busiest during winter time when the snowbirds arrive.  However, August is also one of the busiest moving months right before school starts.


Unemployment is only 4.3% in Miami-Dade today, But Underemployment is 12%++

Miami-Dade’s unemployment rate may be 4.3%-a very conservative measure.  However, underemployment in Miami ranks very high. Workers here earn a lower hourly wage than in other major cities like New York, Chicago, Atlanta, or Seattle whose cost of living may compare to Miami’s.   Because there is a huge floating population of immigrants who will work for much less than citizens or legal residents will, workers with working permits and citizens may have to settle for lower wages since the job market is so competitive. The surplus of skilled and unskilled workers looking for work on a freelance basis is probably commiserate with the number of school-age newcomers enrolled in public school each week which is 500.


Statista shows that the underemployment rate in the US was 12% in 2017. Predicting it would be twice as high in Miami is not an exaggeration. That’s why the ent is so high.  If you are looking for vacancies, get out and actually talk to the people that live there, it’s the Latin way.

How Big is Miami-Dade?

Miami-Dade is made up of 34 municipalities operating within the Miami-Dade, Greater Miami, or Dade County area.  The city of Miami is the oldest one in the mix; it begins in Coconut Grove where City Hall is, next to Biscayne Bay all the way East, and runs West along Tamiami Trail/Calle 8/8th Street, and North to 80th Street.  Going South, it runs along the shoreline following Old Cutler Road along Cutler Bay, a scenic trail along mangroves and mansions.

If you are moving to the southern suburbs, make sure not to move during rush hour as the number of roads leading that way is fewer.


The City of Miami has more residents, the highest real estate market, and lots more business development than any of the other municipalities.  Brickell, Downtown, Coconut Grove, and Key Biscayne are part of the same township. Miami Beach, right behind it, is the second largest in population, economic development, and area.  Miami Beach starts in South Beach and along Collins Ave all the way to Sunny Isles, in Broward County. The total area of Miami-Dade County is 1,946 square miles. Long distance movers are constantly active in this area as it attracts folks from all over the US and the world.


The best reliable and well-established moving companies in the area know when the best times to move are and how to deal with the speed limits in this area.

How much traffic is too much traffic?

The population of Miami-Dade is 2.7 million according to the U.S. Census.  However, does anyone ever count new immigrants and tourists in the area at any given time? If they did,  the numbers would be twice as high.


No matter what city you stay in, traffic is gonna get ya.’  The farther west and south you go the longer the commute.  The closer you live to work, the better. Getting out late and coming home early to avoid the bumper-to-bumper is every commuter’s dream.  


The “Greater Miami Area” is divided into north, south, east, and west quadrants. Flagler Street divides the metropolis into North and South.  Neighborhoods in the Northwest are mainly inhabited by Cubans and African-Americans. In the Southwest, the neighborhoods are almost 98 percent Hispanic until you go down south enough to Ghouls and Naranja. Miami Avenue, which runs North-South divides everything into East and West.  The sawesera, which means southwest, is an area in the center of Miami next to Coral Gables where the Calle 8 Cubaneo resides since the 60s..


The locals can’t afford Downtown and Brickell high-rise real estate prices starting at half a million, so they commute from the suburbs where rent and real estate is more affordable. Many young professionals live the roommate communal lifestyle of the Midtown area where the cost of living is getting just as high.    


If you’re thinking about moving to Miami start by getting a job there and then calculate if you’ll be able to cover the cost of living.  One-bedroom rent starts at $1200, the median home sales price is $222,750.


Getting Around in Miami-Dade

If you hop on the Palmetto, or the 826, you will be accessing the city from the West at 72 Avenue. If you jump on the Dolphin Expressway, or the 836, you will run into the MIA airport on the way to the Beaches heading East.  Biscayne Blvd., a major roadway, runs North-South along all of Miami to US 1 heading south, where it continues its southern run to the suburbs.


Toll Roads Galore

The Turnpike runs north and southwest; it will take you to the Dolphin Stadium. It is, however, not the only toll road in Miami.  Besides the Sun Pass toll, there is the MDX, Miami Expressway Authority. If you drive on the highways, know that they are not free, or freeways,  you will run from one to another toll road without even noticing until you get the bill. Watch out, when it’s time to register your vehicle, you may have a $300 toll bill surprise waiting for you which may already be in collections earning a hefty late fee percentage over the original.   


Note: Roadblocks in Miami are common, especially on the way back from the Beach and on US 1 after midnight.  They can stop you for no reason and make you blow, or else.

Miami-Dade Transit

Metro-rail is Miami Dade’s rail system.  It starts in Dadeland and runs northeast and then northwest to Hialeah where it meets the Tri-rail which takes you to Broward and Palm Beach Counties.  Commuters use this system when they must go downtown from the southern suburbs. Monthly and daily passes are inexpensive, and there is a parking garage at each station.  You can purchase a card and load it with as much money as you will need for your travels.


The Metro-mover is a small rail system that operates free of charge downtown. It makes frequent stops around the downtown area so you can go to the Museums and the American Airlines Arena, Bayside Marketplace, or the Arsht Center, all located downtown.  The Federal, County, and State Courts are also here.

Things To Do in Miami

If the high cost of living, being around a 70 percent Latino environment (more in certain areas),  does not deter you from moving to Miami, welcome to Miami, the capital of Latin America, the Magic City, the MIA.  


Most Art, History, and Science Museums are in the downtown area where the Arsht Center for the Performing Arts and the American Airlines Arena are also located.   Parking downtown can be as much as $20 an hour depending on the event that’s going on. Get there early to take advantage of the public parking garages’ flat rates for special occasions. However, when they fill up, good luck.


Viscaya, a small palace museum built by one of the Deering bothers, is on Biscayne Bay in Coconut Grove, a prime real estate and restaurant neighborhood with the best private schools.


Then there is clubbing, also Downtown and on the Beach, going strong all night and all day long.


The beach itself is a great place to visit just for walking or dining. Aventura has the best mall, Dadeland Mall and the Dolphin Mall are also large and full of entertainment and shopping.


Festivals pop up all over the city for film, wine, and seafood enthusiasts to name a few.  The Miami International Film Fest and the Black Film Fest are the most attended. In recent years Ultra, the techno music fest, closes the downtown area to host its fans.  The Miami Book Fair is the largest in the South.


The Brickell Business District offers lots of excellent dining opportunities, almost as many as Miami Beach does.  Wynwood and the Arts District explode during Art Basel days in the Fall.


For nature lovers there is kayaking under the full moon, boating, swimming in the ocean and the many pools Miami has. National and state parks like the National Everglades Park, and Bill Baggs at the end of Key Biscayne where the old lighthouse is are worth taking the time to visit.