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Moving to Ohio?

It just happens that you’re in the right place – we’ve done a good bit of the research for you, and compiled a bit-sized, super-awesome little guide to some of the biggest points of consideration for people contemplating a move to a new state.

Ohio is so cool, it has not one, but four state nicknames: the “Buckeye State” (because of all the buckeye trees that used to line the streets), “Mother of Presidents” (because it’s the birthplace of eight different U.S. presidents), “Heart of it All” (kind of because it’s somewhat heart-shaped, but mostly for tourism purposes due to its central location between densely populated areas) and the “Birthplace of Aviation” (because the Wright Bros. were born here).

First Things First

The Buckeye State ranks 10th in the nation for population density, with 850,000 residents currently in the capital, Columbus, alone. The state is also home to a very famous house – from A Christmas Story. Cleveland also houses the most rockin’ museum in the country – the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

As if having four different nicknames wasn’t enough for Ohio, they are also the only state in the country with a non-rectangular flag. The flag is described as a pennant, and has a “swallowtail” design. It also looks super cool hanging in dorm rooms, or from flagpoles at the houses of those diehard sports fans.

Packaging, Loading/Unloading, and Settling Into Your New Home

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Consequently, first-rate movers that yield the best results are well-acquainted with the Ohio state and their Ohio movers crew are skilled and reliable workers backed by certified long distance movers making sure you’re in good hands because not all moving companies are the same.  Choose the best.

Once you have selected a well-established long distance moving company with a full service frame in Ohio,  relax and enjoy the following Q&A about moving to Ohio to give you a deeper insight into your new surroundings and help you make the best first impression ever.

1.   Job Market in Ohio

About 36,055 people move to the “Mother of Presidents” every year. The slow growth rate is consistent with that of the Midwest region of the country. Despite this, Ohio still has a pretty impressive population of 11,694,664, according to

For starters, the state’s unemployment rate is 4.7%, which has been on a fairly steady decline since 2009, when it was 10.8%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The state’s minimum wage is $8.30/hour, according to

2.   Cost of living?

After moving to a new state, you’ll naturally want to find a new place to live (that is, unless you were planning on living in a van down by the river).

Don’t let the slow growth-rate fool you into thinking there’s not an abundance of new construction popping up, either – there is, and quite a bit at that. The major pattern of new construction flows in a diagonal line upwards across the state from Cincinnati, to Columbus, all the way up to Cleveland. So, no matter which major city starting with a ‘C’ appeals to you the most, there’ll be plenty of new places to choose from.

3. How is the People?

The people of the Buckeye State claim that they’re some of the nicest you’ll ever meet, and that they make the friendliest neighbors.

The world’s largest Amish community lives in Ohio – with about 70,000 members. So it’s not uncommon to be out and about and see a horse-drawn buggy (or 12). Some of the state’s more traditional residents are crazy for all kinds of festivals, including music, art, culture and food. They also order “pop” instead of “soda”.

Speaking of food, Ohioans are super passionate about their aptly-named “buckeye” candy – a combination of peanut butter fudge partially dipped in chocolate – resembling actual buckeyes.  They’re also passionate about Skyline chili (AKA Cincinnati chili) – a combination of meat, cinnamon, cloves, allspice and chocolate overtop of spaghetti noodles topped with cheddar cheese – we can feel the heartburn starting.

4. Nature

Anyone who has ever called Ohio a “Flyover State” finds themselves eating their words if they ever visit. To say Ohio is breathtaking is an understatement. When Winston Churchill paid Ohio a visit, he fell in love with what he saw in Cincinnati, the third largest city in the state, describing it as, “the most beautiful of the inland cities of the union.”

Happy moving to Ohio, a place we hope you will love to call home.