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Moving to Oklahoma City?  Find out how a full-service moving company can reduce the stress and anxiety associated with long distance Oklahoma City  movers. From the beginning stages of prepping and planning, to settling into your new home, let expert hands carry you through the grueling process while you enjoy the benefits of your new locality.


When you hire a full-service mover, the results will be a highly efficient workflow, lower risk of loss, and greater attention to detail.  But when planning a cross-country move, it is even more important to let a certified long-distance mover handle all the details, so you can focus on the things that require your attention most, such as real estate contracts and your job.


When you are planning a long distance move to the “Big Friendly,” as Oklahoma City is known, proper moving materials are essential to the workflow.  Get your supplies all in one place where certified moving consultants can help you estimate the number of boxes you will need for the number of household goods you want to pack.  Don’t forget to hold a yard sale or two and donate the stuff you don’t want to bring along, so your load will be lighter.


Let the experts in long distance moving give you the peace of mind you deserve. Why risk damaging your property, or worse yet, your body, loading and unloading, (the riskiest moving tasks), when you can delegate the responsibility to seasoned professionals knowledgeable of precautionary steps and job specific techniques that guarantee the safety of your household belongings and your back.  You’ll have more time and money to spend getting acclimated to your new surroundings.

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Here are some facts about Oklahoma City that may surprise you:


  1.    Oklahoma City is the largest city in the State of Oklahoma and Tulsa doesn’t even come close.  Home to more than 1.5 million people, this Midwest hub is known for its friendly atmosphere and helpful residents.  Stereotypes are not all truthful and you can see that for yourself in t his city. OKC’ers are not walking around armed and picking fights. In fact, most OKC residents sport an amicable attitude. Thus, its trademark name of “The Big Friendly.”   If you ever lose your way around town and ask for directions, don’t be surprised when folks don’t just give you directions but take you where you need to go.


  1.    The cost of living in OKC has remained affordable even during recession times in the nation. That is why Forbes has labeled the city of Oklahoma recession-proof and one of the best places to move to.  Your take-home pay will stretch farther in this city known for high-paying jobs coupled with low-cost of living.


Wondering why OKC has ranked the No. 1 most affordable place to live?  This is also the reason why OKC may be experiencing its second “Sooner” rush; OKC has an average income of $72K and an estimated annual expense of 18K.  How attractive is that for young professionals looking to get ahead! Once a land rush territory, which dubbed it as the “Sooner” state, frontiersmen rushed to be the ones that got there before the rest of the population to claim the best land spots for themselves during Oklahoma’s Homestead Act of 1862.


  1.    If you are wondering what there is to do around town before committing to move to Oklahoma City, you’ll be surprised to find a little bit of everything for every taste.  For starters, if you have young children, or you are young at heart, you’ll find that Frontier City with its roller coaster rides, concerts, shopping, and dining extravaganza, offers year-round fun for the entire family.


  1.    Most of the time, however, OKC residents can be found hitting the Bricks.  Bricktown, once an abandoned warehouse district, is now the hippest place to hang and marks the center of all things OKC with a never-ending list of entertaining shows, the most delectable restaurants, and flagrant shops.
  1.    If you are moving from the coast and think you’re going to feel homesick, or for those that have never enjoyed the beach, OKC offers an extensive 25-acre water park complete with an artificial beach and wave pool.  You’ll even be able to visit the park at night to watch a movie or two in a drive-in atmosphere on the “beach.” There’s even a Regatta Festival taking place once every fall in the boathouse district in OKC. You can also take a ride down the Bricktown’s canal on a gondola type vessel. How’s that for water lovers?


  1.    Food is of great concern for the vast majority of millennials who are now savvy about health risks associated with dietary habits.  OKC offers from traditional deep-fried and barbecued meats to trending healthy eateries and vegan restaurants found throughout the city.  Especially tasty are its barbecue dishes, including an Oklahoma invention which calls for first smoked and then fried chicken. Talking about frying, “calf fries” is one of the best-known dishes in town, similar to the “Rocky Mountain Oysters” these are sliced calf testicles, battered and deep fried.


  1.    However, due to its rich agricultural tradition, you can find inspired restaurants offering Farm-To-Table options for healthy local world-class restaurants throughout OKC. Offering the best health food options according to the season and what’s available from nearby farms and ranches, and prepared by world-class chefs in extraordinary dining experiences that range from fine dining at the Vast, a 5-star restaurant atop OKC’s highest building, to mobile well-regulated eateries, OKC is the place to go out for dinner on a date or bring the entire family along.


  1.    For sports fans, there’s the Thunder with its home, the Chesapeake Energy Arena, college football fans, and the world’s number one softball league.  However, OKC residents are college sports fanatics first and foremost. To help them enjoy the game even more, there are many breweries where residents can delight in sipping specialty beer, another thing OKC’ers are fanatic about.  


The list of things to do and places to enjoy goes on and on when talking about OKC.  But what’s more important than friendly neighbors and a low cost of living coupled with high paying jobs?

Definitely, it makes sense to get there sooner than later and claim the best lifestyle with great savings for you and your family.