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Packing can be stressful especially if you are traveling to a place you have never been to and you don’t know what to choose and what to leave behind. If you are headed out of town on a trip or moving permanently to a new home, it is important to take some measures to ensure that your luggage is safe and that your packing makes uttermost use of the limited space. For short trips, you may need a small suitcase and makes sure that its weight and dimensions fit well with the mover/airline regulations. It’s important to have in mind that some movers have stringent rules and may have to measure and weigh your luggage before you board their carriers. Following packing tips can be helpful when you are planning to move.

The art of packing

You have the luggage; your clothes, travel accessories and all essentials you need to move to the new location lie in your room for review. Then comes the difficult decision; what do I pack and what do I leave? Many movers suggest that if it’s a short vocation, pack in two tops for every bottom, combinations that mix and match, and just two or three pairs of footwear. Preferably, go with wears for any occasion designed for day and night fit, and made with comfort features.

Prepares a packing checklist

A packing checklist is very important because it will ensure that you pack all essentials for your move. You can write one on a paper or create one in your smartphone. On the list, jot down all your absolute essentials for the move. Create the packing tips list a few days to the move and keep adding to the list as soon as an essential comes to mind. It makes last-minute packing easier and less stressful because you know exactly what you need for the move.

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Check your old home closet

The closets keep a lot. We’ve helped people move only to arrive at their new homes and remember something they forget in their old home closets. Most things people leave in closets are semi-disposable but some could be very important items which you don’t want to leave when you move. Check the closets to make sure you don’t leave anything important behind when you move.

Keep the most important essentials in a Ziploc pack

There are some essentials that you may not do without when you move. The best way to move them is in a suitcase or a Ziploc bag depending on how delicate they are. For instance, if you are going on a business trip you may need to carry some paperwork, keep them in a waterproof suitcase or Ziploc bag where they will not be damaged or accessed by unauthorized persons.

Start with dual purpose items

A two-in one garment means one less garment. Multipurpose items will save you a lot of space and weight. So if you have a jacket which you can convert into a travel pillow, or a pant which can double up as a pajama and so on, give them the first priority. It will ease your move, cut on baggage fee, your luggage will be lighter and less bulky.

Pack socks inside shoes

This is a great idea if you have a lot to carry and very little space to work with. Every space counts and so does the space in your shoes. To save more space in your suitcase and bag for more delicate items you can pack your socks inside your shoes. Moreover, it prevents your shoes from being squished under loads and keeps them in good shape.

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Pack in layers and wear layers

Wearing layers of clothes means that you’ll be carrying some of the clothes you need for the trip on your body. The items on your suitcase should also be folded and packed in neat layers. This is important because it keeps your items in good shape, makes retrieval and screening easy. Packing your belongings in layers is also a great way to save space.


Fill up the dead space

Every little space counts, especially if you have a small baggage and a lot of items to carry. Small items like watches, shoes, socks, innerwear and beauty kits will fit well in the dead spaces in your baggage.


Pack items for use on the go in a separate pouch

A small zipped hand pouch is good for travel essentials. Your baggage will probably be kept in the cargo section so accessing travel essentials like earphones, mobile phones and wallet, etc. can be difficult. Keep them in a zipped hand bag or pouch where you can access them at your convenience.


Use packing accessories like packing cubes

Packing cubes are differently colored so you know what items are in what color cube. It makes you feel so organized and makes unpacking so easy. With this, you don’t have to search everywhere for an item because you know exactly where it lies.


A ready to go first aid kit

A health kit or first aid kit is important especially if you have to travel long distances. You never know when you’ll catch a cold, a sudden fever, food poisoning, scratches or a bug bite. Locating a pharmacy in your new home may be difficult so always pack a small medical kit with band aids, painkillers, cough medicine, cold medicine, medicine for stomachaches and toiletries.

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