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If you are one of the one million people expected to move to San Antonio this year, it’s in your best interest to hire the best long distance San Antonio Movers to get you on the right track.  A top-notch moving company will give you the peace of mind you need and the most helpful tips for settling in to make your move the smoothest and coolest despite San Antonio’s warm weather and hilly terrain.

Whether you’re moving within the state of Texas or making a cross-country, life-changing move to San Antonio,  a specialized team will meet with you to assess your needs.  Attention to detail makes the difference when it comes to moving long distance. Let the experts guide you in the moving process and you will have no loose ends to deal with at the end of the day.  

Packaging materials such as boxes, tape, and markers are all dandy resources for the mover who wants to do things right the first time.  However, if you don’t know how to estimate the number of boxes you will need or how to fill boxes up to protect the contents, you’ll run the risk of having your personal belongings scattered all over the moving truck or worse yet, the sidewalk.   How’s that for embarrassing? A full-service mover can show you the right way to pack and unpack, load and unload.


That’s why expert moving advice from professional moving company staff is more than wanted, necessary.  In order to save the most valuable thing you have: time, and the second best: money, so you can be out dining and strolling down San Antonio’s famed River Walk with your new friends, let the best long distance moving company take care of your moving needs the way you deserve it.  Get help packaging and loading, driving, and unpacking. Don’t forget that the cost of moving is tax deductible and the best movers in  San Antonio know all about the paperwork required to do so. Let the experts in long distance moving be your guide to recovering the cost of moving.

Besides helping you package things up the right way, load, unload, unpack, and give you the right paperwork for your taxes, a San Antonio full service moving company with your best interest in mind will offer you up-to-date moving guides so you can get to know the community you’re moving to.

Here are some tips on how to get acquainted with your new city if you’re relocating to San Antonio.

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Where in the world is San Antonio?

The Alamo city is part of the Texas Triangle, anchoring its southwestern corner between the Gulf Coast Plains to the south and the Great Plains to the northwest.  Now that sounds smart, but what it really means is that the Capital city, Austin, is only 75 miles away from SA. They sure make cities larger in the west, with 465.4 square miles, SA is the 13th largest city in the US.  Compared to DC which doesn’t even rank on that list. The best local movers won’t have any problem finding your new SA apartment or single family home.

Who lives in San Antonio?

It might come as a surprise to know that the City of San Antonio, in Bexar County, Texas, ranks #1 in population growth and is one of the top 15 Best Places to live with 1.5 million inhabitants as of 2017.  Young professionals are finding great relocation opportunities in this move-to-city today.  Sharon and her hubby will be among the 25% Anglo population of SA in a 68% Hispanic environment as compared to DC with an 11% Hispanic presence.  However, that doesn’t mean Spanish is the first language there as it is in Miami.

What’s the weather like in San Antonio?

At 650 feet above sea level, “the city where the sun spends its winters” has what is known as a transitional subtropical climate featuring long humid, hot summers followed by short, mild winters.  The area receives cold fronts from the northwest and has some, not many, subfreezing nights every year, but it rarely snows. The area is flood prone, and tornadoes within the city limits occurred as recent as 2017. No tornados have been reported in the DC area, I posted the news on my friend Sharon’s wall to warn her about this risk, but she said she didn’t care; they were moving to San Antonio.


Why is San Antonio getting richer?

Thanks to the 28 inches of rainfall received annually; San Antonio is able to grow a great variety of crops year round.  The trillion-dollar agribusinesses industry in the region has a rich history and even more abundant production of cotton, corn, sorghum, wheat, nursery crops, vegetables, and pecans, to name the most prominent crops. However, San Antonio is best known for cattle grazing and rodeos.  


Ranking 3rd in the nation in economic growth, only San Jose, California, and Austin, Texas, surpass San Antonio with a 30.5 percent GRP (Gross Regional Product). Its job market has increased by 1.9%, and its unemployment rate is lower than the national average at 3.8%.  A 40% job growth is expected over the next ten years.


Perhaps one of the reasons for this growth and job opportunities is due to the large concentration of government workers in San Antonio. There are four military bases in the city, three Air Force and one Army, which have a lot to do with San Antonio’s strong federal presence.  


The number one economic stronghold of the city, however,  is the service industry, such as healthcare and education.  What may surprise you the most, though, is that the biochemical and medical sector accounts for a large part of the city’s economy.  What is more, Toyota manufactures 15,000 new trucks there every year.


What about Taxes, Salaries, and Housing?

San Antonio has one of the highest sales tax of 8.3%, the average single income is 23,000, a household income of $46,000, and the median price of a home is $223,000.  So why is it so affordable to live in San Antonio?


Rentals are still affordable in San Antonio which ranks 6th in Most Affordable Cities in the US.  A one-bedroom averages $830 and a two-bedroom $1,040. That’s 11% below the national averages. However, if people keep flocking in masses to San Antonio the supply is not going to meet the demand and prices will go up for both renters and buyers in the real estate market.  Decidedly, I will not move to San Antonio.


What is there to do in San Antonio?

Many young singles and families are getting settled into impressive upscale one-bedroom apartments for only $810 a month or a two-bedroom, for $1,020..  When folks have jobs and low overhead, they’ll find plenty of time to look around for things to do.


#1 – San Antonio River Walk

This pedestrian-only tree-lined boulevard is a  spectacular city park with a network of walkways and paths along the banks of the San Antonio River.  Lined by bars, shops, restaurants, and public artwork, it’s a favorite destination for over 4 million people every year.  

Post pictures of navigating down the lazy river on a barge enjoying a dinner cruise with about 20 other guests.  The guided river tours can hold up to 40 people on the barge.


#2 Don’t Forget the Alamo

The five historic missions, named a World Historic Site by the UNESCO, include the Alamo, which is an essential part of the city’s identity. It was here that Davy Crocket, James Bowie, and a small force found their death in 1836 to 3,000 Mexican troops.


#3 The San Antonio Missions National Historic Park and Mission Trail

Most people drive between the missions, but if you can ride a bike between them, it is a much healthier and more natural experience.  You can ride from the center of the city to the other four missions in a 16-mile round trip. That’s 8 miles one way. Easy enough for anyone to accomplish if they rest and have no rush on the way back.  The scenic bike and bike trail which runs along the river features bike stations.