When you Might Need Additional Moving Services

The need for proper packing during a move cannot be exaggerated. There are many reasons why your things should be well packaged for a move. Luckily, most long distance moving companies offer packing services so they may help you out with that. Some Household movers may offer it as at a fee while others may offer it as part of the moving deal at no extra charges.


When you may need additional Packing Services

Additional packing services may come in handy when you need more than just the conventional average packing. This need may arise due to:


  • Need for extra safety of items

Some household items are fragile so extra care has to be taken to enhance their safety during the move. These are usually goods which may break or go bad in the course of the move, and therefore calls for some special packing beyond the normal convention level of packaging. For instance, if you have to move with some glasses or eggs, it takes a higher level of care than it would take when moving with clothes. It therefore calls for an additional packing services like padding. Padding will take any impulse aimed at the item and consequently keep the item safe.


  • Perishable goods

When moving with perishable goods, established household movers will often provide you with facilities to keep the goods fresh during the move. For instance, if you have to move with large amounts of fresh food, moving companies will offer you refrigeration as an additional moving service to help keep the food fresh on transit.


  • If you need to know the status of goods on transit

If you are concerned about the status of your goods, long distance moving companies will offer you tracking services as an additional moving service so that you have a real time live feed on the status and location of your items on transit.


  • When moving with animals

Do you have animals you’d want to move with to your new home? If you do, you need an additional moving service to ensure that the animal reaches your new home safe and sound. Say you have a dog; you’ll need a kennel as part of the moving service, and if you have fish; a fish tank to keep the fish alive while on transit.


  • When moving with kids, senior citizens, or a person with a special need

Moving with kids and people with special needs can be a challenge and you need to plan for their move so that the move doesn’t become an ordeal for them. Most long distance moving companies have this special group of people in mind and will effectively help you out. Take time and find household movers who offer the best additional moving services for these special group of people.


  • Need for storage

You may need to store your goods for some time before you move. If your old home already has new owners and you don’t have a place to keep your items as you await a move, you’ll need storage as an additional service. Most full service Long distance movers offer storage as an additional service.


Common Additional Moving Services


  • Packing services

Packing is one of the most important additional moving service since it is considered as the most stressful part during a move. For you to avoid this stress you may visit and consult with the moving company you’ve chosen to provide the moving services. Talk to them and they may help you with some packing tips or they may do the packing for you at a cost, or free of charge. This is optional because you may decide to do the packing yourself.


  • Loading services

Loading your items on a truck can be hectic. This is because you may have bulky and heavy items like furniture which you may not move on your own. Or, you may have some items which require technical knowhow to load onto a truck. These items may need heavy lifting so you may require some additional hand from your movers. Since the movers are experienced and professionally trained to aid loading of items, they will be of great help.


  • Offloading services

Many long distance moving companies offer offloading as an additional service. Unloading a truck is not easy; you may not offload a whole truck on your own so you will probably need a helping hand. You may talk to your household movers to provide you with this service as part of the deal.


  • Moving plan

As they say; proper prior planning prevents poor performance. It is important to have a moving plan. Moving without a plan can result in a much disorganized move during which damages may occur on valuable items and stress may build up. Before you move you need to know where you are moving to, the number of items you have, where to pack a given item, when to pack a given item and so on. Also, you need to know the size of both your old and new home so that you have a rough idea of where specific items will fit in your new home. A moving plan will save you a lot of effort and time and a good long distance moving company should help you develop a moving plan as an additional moving service. If they don’t, approach the moving company and request them to help you create a moving plan.


  • Unpacking

Unpacking of your items is also considered an additional moving service. It is an option though, since you may decide to do the unpacking yourself, you may also get your friends or old neighbors to help you with the unpacking. You may decide that you want to sit back, relax and let the movers help you out with unpacking as an additional moving service. Movers are experienced professionals at that and their skills may impress you.


There are a host of other additional moving services offered by long distance moving companies. The above stated are only the most common. For more information on moving services, choosing a mover and long distance moving, get in touch with us today or visit LongDistanceMover.org. If you found this piece informative, skim through other resources on our blog for more insight.


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